About The Author: The Qualifications of Aaron Sansoni


About The Author: The Qualifications of Aaron Sansoni

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the entrepreneurs featured in Think Like, but we haven’t taken much time to talk about the author of this inspirational collection of success stories. Aaron Sansoni of Melbourne, Australia is uniquely qualified to share his experience and advice with the world thanks to his frequent participation in six different aspects of the business, training, and entrepreneurial fields.


Aaron Sansoni is a founder of a successful venture capitalist firm that helps businesses in various industries make their start. To date, he has interests in real estate, technology, retail, media, and events. Aaron has also worked hard to create and establish his own business training empire consisting of educational events, courses, and mentorship opportunities.

Venture Capitalism:

Aaron’s venture capitalist company, Paragon Global Investments, provides startup companies around the world with the leadership and funding they need to be successful. Paragon Global Investments focuses specifically on startups that would benefit from Aaron and company’s unique business experiences, and seek to invest their time, training, and resources into any company they take on.  


Sansoni is a skilled, global educator offering a variety of sales and leadership mastery courses designed to motivate business leaders and provide how-to advice on managing successful sales businesses. His courses are available in various formats, and revised regularly for relevance.


No location is too difficult for Sales King Aaron Sansoni. He has successfully sold in nearly every type of environment as he built his empire. From the streets to the boardroom to the internet, Aaron has amassed valuable experience across most aspects of the sales industry. Now he seeks to share that value with you.

Business Mentorship:

Through his venture capitalism company, Aaron offers his services as a mentor to businesses and business leaders across the globe. He works closely with them, building a relationship designed to teach mentees how to take control of their own lives and operate a business for success.

Motivational Speaking:

Aaron Sansoni has spoken motivationally and educationally to more than two million individuals across 41 different countries. He has shared the stage with some of the most renowned business leaders of our time including Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Arnold Schwarzeneger.

To learn more about Aaron Sansoni, visit his personal website!